Top 5 Wacom Tablet Benefits for Content Creators

Right now, content creators are in huge demand. We, as an audience, are consuming a record amount of media from animations to gaming to online illustrations and so on. For content creators, understanding how you can capitalize on this growing demand and express yourself freely is hugely important. Wacom is the ultimate brand that puts no limits on your creativity. Whether you’re a video editor, a photographer or an animator we wanted to highlight our top 5 benefits of using a Wacom tablet for content creators.

5 Ways Using Wacom Tablets is Beneficial for Content Creators

Pen Pressure Sensitivity

Lets kick things off with the most unique feature that comes with Wacom. Pen Pressure Sensitivity. Wacom Pens are far superior to a regular computer mouse when drawing or grading digital images. These pens recognize the level of pressure you’re applying meaning you can effortlessly control your brush size when using the software of your choice. These styluses are battery free and the Wacom Pro Pen 2 even comes with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a tilt-response which is more than enough to create beautiful images. For content creators, this pen pressure sensitivity feature rules out the click, drag, release process of using a mouse to change your brush strokes and will not only enhance your performance but can save you a ton of time by mirroring your exact movements.


Another great benefit of using a pen over a mouse is precision. Have you ever tried to sign your name on an online document using a computer mouse? It’s no easy task. As humans we’re trained to write using our fingers not our palms. For content creators, a task that involves very precise pen movements such as calligraphy, illustration or detailed photo touch ups can be grueling using a mouse. Having a digital pen that’s sensitive and smart like a pen from Wacom is a game changer and unlocks a range of capabilities.

Wacom Tablet Benefits for Content Creators

Pen to Paper Feel

For some content creators, switching from drawing on paper to a tablet can be a demanding process. You’ve been accustomed to drawing on paper your entire career and it’s normal to be fearful of how switching to a digital tablet could be potentially frustrating to adapt to. Luckily enough, Wacom has a range of tablets designed to give that pen to paper feel, the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper editions. Wacom also sell a range of attachments to customize your drawing surface ensuring your creative process is as natural as possible.


Creative ideas come and go as fast as lightning. There one minute, gone the next. The Intuos Pro range from Wacom are ideal for artistic minds who want to get ideas from their brain to the screen instantaneously. The Intuos Pro tablets have buttons and a ring to which you can assign various shortcuts that will speed up your workflow at a rapid pace.

For those who don’t own a Intuos Pro or for those who simply want more buttons, the Wacom Express Key is an accessory designed for the same action. The Express Key is a wireless remote that once hooked up to your display will give you the ability to allocate various shortcuts to each button. In result, more shortcut options can make your life a lot easier!

Wacom Tablet Benefits for Content Creators

The speed in which you work on a Wacom doesn’t just revolve around using shortcut keys. For example, Video editors have been more frequently incorporating Wacom tablets into their suites to speed up their entire process. Most famously a Wacom Cintiq Pro 32” was used heavily by VFX animators on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for detailed rotoscoping and painting tasks. Video Editors and VFX animators are using these tablets as a second monitor to drag, drop and delete clips onto their timeline at lightspeed while also increasing their compositing accuracy working with curves, masks and other editing interfaces. Once you get into the swing of things editing with a Wacom tablet will feel so natural and will make you work so much faster.


The modern-day content creator seems to be constantly on the go. Whether travelling for work or for travelling for inspiration Wacom tablets come in a variety of sizes with multiple functions to suit those who are never in the same place twice. To name one, the Wacom Intuos Pro Small is ideal as it’s lightweight, can easily fit in a backpack and takes up very little desk space.

Wacom Tablet Benefits for Content Creators

Although slightly larger, the Mobile Studio Pro range from Wacom is another perfect choice for creative freedom due to its lightweight, shortcut keys, ability to run multiple applications at once and high resolution. This tablet is for artists who require a lot of horsepower as it comes with enhanced computing power, 16GB system memory, fast data processing, quick data transfer and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. All these powerful features in a mobile tablet!

Aside from size, Wacom has come up with some great accessories to increase flexibility for those that work remotely. The main one being the Ergo stands. The definition of Ergonomics relates to the study of how people work in their environment. When hunched over a desk all day it’s easy to lose concentration due to discomfort. In the long run these conditions can have lasting effects on your back. Wacom understands the importance of being user friendly and how unlikely it is for people to work efficiently in the same spot all day, every day. Wacom’s designers came up with the Ergo stands to increase the flexibility of tablet workflows. The main purpose of the Ergo stand is to give content creators the option to work in whatever posture they desire. These stands also improve visibility by adjusting the tablet into all kinds of angles and positions which is a huge benefit when working on detailed designs.

Wacom Tablet Benefits for Content Creators


With the right tools content creators can reach unimaginable expectations and achieve stunning results. The benefits of these tablets are endless. They’re not only reliable but flexible, fast, precise and offer artists multiple capabilities so you can draw, paint or edit like a natural. Should you require a lightweight creative companion for on the go or a monster machine to edit the next blockbuster Wacom is the key.