Tax Exempt Orders


First Nations individuals and bands are generally exempt from sales tax when goods are purchased on or delivered to First Nations land. To qualify for the exemption, the goods must be used for personal use of the First Nations individual or for the use of the band.

Personal use means for the beneficial use of the purchase and may include business or commercial use.

Example: A First Nations individual is exempt from PST and GST when they purchase goods for their own personal use, or for business use in their sole proprietorship.

Eligibility and Requirements

To apply for an exemption, you and your order must meet these requirements:

  • You’re entitled to a sales tax exemption under the Indian Act
  • The order will be delivered to a reserve
  • All Federal and Provincial tax exemption requirements are adhered to

Only submissions which meet these requirements will be considered. Submitting a request is not an official agreement or guarantee that your order will be exempt from tax.

Required Documentation

We require the following included with your tax exemption request:

Orders for Personal Use:
Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) – include both sides of the document
Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document (TCRD) – include both sides of the document

Orders for First Nations Bands:
Status Indian Band Certification – include both sides of the document

How to Apply

If you meet all eligibility requirements above:

  1. Submit our contact form with the subject ‘Request for Tax Exemption’ selected
  2. Upload both sides of your identification (see ‘Required Documentation’ above for list of accepted documents)
  3. Tax exemption requests will be reviewed and either approved or denied within 5 business days of submission
  4. If you are approved, you will receive an email notification to access your account and place your order without tax. If you are not approved, we will let you know by email.