Wacom Standard Pen Nibs


This is a pack of 5 replacement tips for Wacom pens. Standard tips for most Wacom Pens.

  • Standard Friction on Tablet Surface
  • Includes (5x) Standard Black Nibs
  • Wacom Intuos, DTK-2100 Pens & More Compatibility

Compatible with

  • One by Wacom (CTL472, CTL672)
  • Intuos (CTL490, CTH490, CTH690)
  • Wacom Intuos (CTL4100, CTL6100)
  • Wacom Bamboo tablet (CTH-670)
  • Intuos Pro (PTH451, PTH651, PTH651SE, PTH851)
  • Cintiq 13 (DTK1301)
  • Cintiq 22 (DTK2200, DTH2200)
  • Cintiq 27 (DTK2700, DTH2700)

For Prev Gens:
Intuos4, Intuos5 and Intuos Pro: KP503E (Pro Pen), KP300E2 (Classic Pen), KP400E2 (Airbrush Pen), KP501E2 (Grip Pen)
Intuos4: KP300E (Classic Pen), KP400E (Airbrush Pen), KP501E (Grip Pen)
Intuos3: ZP300E, ZP300ESE, ZP501E, ZP501ESE
Intuos2: XP120, XP300E, XP400E, XP501A, XP501E
Intuos1: GP120, GP300E GP400E
Bamboo or Intuos: EP150E, EP155E (B,K,S,W,G)*, LP160, LP160E, LP161E, LP170ES, LP170G, LP170K, EP155EK, EP155EW
Cintiq (DTK): KP300E (Classic Pen), KP300E2 (Classic Pen), KP501E (Grip Pen), KP501E2 (Grip Pen)
Cintiq (DTZ): ZP300E, ZP300ESE, ZP501E, ZP501ESE
Graphire: EP100E, EP120E, EP130E, EP140E
Interactive Display (DTF Display Products): FP310, FP320, FP320E
Other: FP110, FP410, UP110, UP401, UP703E, UP710, UP710E, UP712, UP714E, UP714W, UP801E, UP803E, UP810E, UP811E, UP813E, UP817E, UP911E


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Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Paper Edition, Academic Discount Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Paper Edition

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