Tips and Tricks from Wacom for Teachers: 5 Ways that Wacom Tablets can help with Lesson Planning

1. Annotating existing lesson plans

It’s unusual to come across a great “plug and play” lesson that doesn’t require any modifications. Personalizing learning for your students requires making changes to the plans you’ve been given. Even lessons you develop will need to be updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in the curriculum and new resource options.

Using a Wacom tablet to annotate existing blueprints saves time and eliminates the need to rewrite everything. Now you can draw directly onto your Word or PDF document to alter the plans quickly and efficiently.

2. Developing fresh lesson ideas

Thinking imaginatively while typing might be challenging. What if you could jot down ideas by hand and make rough sketches instead of needing to work with a Word processor to turn them into something that is useful? The inconvenience of needing to type everything up can be avoided by using a Wacom tablet as a blank planning sheet. Our precise, portable, battery-free pen allows you to handwrite directly into your documents.

When you plan, you often have an idea for a tool you’ll want to develop, a template to utilize, or a vocabulary bank to share. To record these thoughts without the constraints of a keyboard and static pre-drawn boxes, use a pen tablet.

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3. Adding images and diagrams to your plans

Wacom tablets allow you to draw over text and images. Snip the image you want and paste it into your program. Highlight an area or leave notes to keep your ideas organized. You don’t want to waste time finding a picture, graph, or formula? Creating your own is easier. Wacom pens allow you to draw intricate diagrams, formulas, and graphs. It helps you see how to communicate concepts to kids.

4. Collaborative planning

The ability to collaborate is one of the fantastic benefits of Wacom technology. You can set up online discussion boards for your coworkers to collaborate on projects rather than working alone. You may create collaborative places for everyone to participate to using platforms like Microsoft Teams.

Planning with coworkers can get cumbersome when typing into papers. Ideas are frequently offered in comment boxes or at the bottom of documents. Lessons can emerge naturally when you can handwrite your notes, make diagrams, and add images where you want them.  The range of pen colors makes it simple to keep track of who contributed to which idea.

5. Creating your own resources

How long does it take you to search over the internet for the ideal resource? Finding appropriate activities sometimes takes more time than lesson preparation. But far too frequently, these materials don’t even match your students well!

You can completely customize any resource you use with your pen tablet. Or make your own utilizing the numerous drawing tools that are readily available. It’s easy to add scaffolded support for struggling students or a challenge for those who need stretching.

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