Pixologic ZBrush 2022 Upgrade


Single seat license of new ZBrush 2022 for both Windows & macOS in digital download format. This license allows one user to install and activate ZBrush as needed, granting the ability to take ZBrush wherever you go. Contact us for volume seats and pricing!

ZBrush 2022 is the ultimate digital painting and sculpting software designed for professionals. Expand your creative workflow with ZBrush 2022’s features including customizable brushes to shape, texture, and paint virtual clay in real time. There are no limitations with ZBrush 2022’s new enhanced dynamic system allowing any surface to be contracted, expanded, inflated or draped with gravity. Explore unique capabilities with new special brushes ideal for controlled cloth sculpting. Each copy receives a unique serial number which is assigned to a single artist. ZBrush may be concurrently activated on any two computers (Windows or Mac) provided that both copies are never run at the same time. ZBrush may also be easily moved between computers whenever necessary.

You will be required to provide the serial number of your current license at checkout to complete your upgrade.

When ZBrush receives the upgrade order, they will need to do the following:
To ensure that the serial number is valid and has been neither voided nor already upgraded.
If you are not eligible for upgrade:
We will be notified to let you know that the license cannot be upgraded, and why.
If you are eligible for upgrade:
1. A CD Code will be generated by Pixologic for the upgrade
2. We will forward that code to you, along with the license installation instructions.
3. When you receive the CD Code, simply follow the instructions. Registration of the ZBrush upgrade should always be done under the original ZBrushCore registered email address.



Pixologic ZBrush 2022


  • Digital Sculpting & Painting Software
  • Sculpt up to a Billion Polygons
  • Sketch Out and Complete 2D / 3D Concepts
  • Use Effects to Create Realistic Renders
  • ZModeler Upgraded with New Functions


ZBrush is available for both Windows and MacOS platforms, and the licensing is dual platform so you can run on both or change between them at any time. Thanks to its processor-based engine, ZBrush runs well on most modern computers regardless of their graphics cards. A Wacom graphics tablet  is strongly recommended as it will give you more control and easier interaction.

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