How do I Choose the Best Wacom Device For Me? 

Once you start getting more professional or taking your personal abilities more seriously, an essential tool to achieve your necessary goals is a must-have. Lamentably, with the tech industry developing, the options on the market make us undecided, and instead of relieved, it can be a stressful event. Don’t worry, see our quick guide on how to make the correct pick for you!

1) Pen Display – Along with a computer, the pen display allows the user to draw directly on a screen with the stylus. As the creation takes shape, the artist can see everything on a screen. It’s simple enough for anyone to use – from beginners to digital natives.   

The Wacom One is the perfect model for people that need portability – either for sketches, or to take notes in meetings or classes. The pen gives you the feeling of holding a regular pen, but better – it’s electronic and doesn’t need a battery.   

Suppose you are a more experienced user or are getting design courses to become a pro – the Wacom Cintiq 22 is perfect for you! The device has 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity with a low activation force. It is like driving a premium car on an excellent road without a speed limit.   

2) Drawing tabletsTablets are the most popular device for digital artists and those who are used to drawing electronically. In addition, the pen sensibility level is more advanced, allowing the artistic path to be more professional.   

A Medium version of the One by Wacom can give you an idea of what the product can offer. It feels like a pen on paper, but the reality is as precise as technology can offer. What’s more, the tablet has easy access to education-related apps. Plus it “works with Chromebook” which are in many classrooms today.   

Comparing the Intuos line – the Pro and the entry-level – the lightweight of the tablet can be a game-changer for a buyer. Who doesn’t like space? Your ideas shouldn’t have limits; with Intuos, you can create big ideas in a small (or larger) and light device.   

3) Pen computers While you carry your ideas and your tablet around, you will be able to create comfortably with a bigger tool anywhere. The Wacom MobileStudio Pro has the 13 and the 16 options.   

The MobileStudio Pro is for artist on the go! The smaller 13 is for those when inspiration strikes without warning. You’ll be able to touch for zoom in and out and anything else with ease to get the perfect line or colour.   

If you are a professional, the higher spec of the size 16 will matter to you – with 4K resolution and 85% Adobe RGB coverage. It’s all that the 2D and 3D industry needs. Quick and adjustable, the 16 offers express keys for the users that allow you to customize your device in the best way to work.   

Now the decision is up to you – start small and build up, or jump right in to a more sophisticated model. Remember: Wacom products are versatile, allowing you to work with PC, MAC, Chromebook, and Android Platforms.   

What’s your choice?

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